Rappahannock Summer Music Camp

Join us for our 15th Season!

Registration for RSMC 2020 is now open! Register EARLY to reserve your spot! Registration closes on May 15, 2020. 

Before you can register for RSMC, you MUST read everything on this website.

Most questions, concerns, and problems can be solved simply by reading and understanding all information that has been presented to you. When you register, it is implied that you understand and agree to abide by all policies and procedures that have been posted. If you have questions, please ask them FIRST before registering. Email RSMCdirector@gmail.com with questions.

It is expected that every family (parent and student) has read the handbook. If you haven't read the handbook yet, please click here.

How to Register for RSMC:

Families that want to register for RSMC must follow all steps below. If you do not complete all steps, your registration will not be complete and you risk losing your registration to another student.

Step 1: Fill out a registration form. The link is provided at the bottom of this page. You must fill out all information as completely as possible, or your registration may not be processed.

If you need to make corrections to a registration form that has already been submitted, please do NOT fill out another registration form. Just email the corrections to RSMCdirector@gmail.com. 

Step 2: Make a payment.  The link is provided at the bottom of this page. A minimum deposit or full payment (either for special pricing or regular tuition) must accompany your registration form, however, you won't be able to log in to your account until you receive the confirmation email. If you don't get a confirmation email within 24 hours, please email RSMCdirector@gmail.com. The payment can be made online, or you can mail a check to RSMC, P.O. Box 836, Spotsylvania, VA 22553.

If payment is not received within 3 business days of the confirmation email, the registration will be deleted.

Before registering for RSMC, please read all of the policies, age requirements, prerequisites, and other information.

Age limits are firm! Please do NOT sign up your child if he is outside of the age range without discussing it with the director first!

All items marked with a * are required.

Registering for RSMC should take about 10 minutes. You can save the form to finish later, but reserving a spot at RSMC will not be complete until you submit a completed form and make a payment of any amount.