Rappahannock Summer Music Camp

Join us for our 15th Season!

RSMC 2020 Handbook and Policies

Welcome to the Rappahannock Summer Music Camp! Please read these policies carefully. 

Submitting an application to attend camp means that you have read, understand, and agree to abide with everything that is printed here. 

Performance Program

Students enrolling in the Performance Program must have completed at least one year of study on their wind, percussion, or string instrument. This study can either be in the form of private lessons, or participation in a band or orchestra. Pianists and guitarists who do not play a band or string instrument should have a minimum of three years of instruction on piano or guitar to qualify for the Performance Program. The Performance Program is for students who are between the ages of 11 and 18. Students under age 11 that qualify by level or experience for the Performance Program should contact the camp director to discuss enrollment for their child.

In the Performance Program, students can choose elective classes such as Jazz Improvisation, Conducting, Ear Training, Voice Tech, Composition/Orchestration, Music History, Piano Skills, Musical Instrument Repair, Dance Class, Art Class, String Styles, School of Rock, Recording/sound Technology, or other classes. The actual list of electives varies each year. Students will also enroll in Instrument Workshops, Music Theory, Concert Band, Orchestra, Chamber Music, Chorus, and Jazz Ensembles.

All students in the Performance Program must audition. Auditions are for seating and placement purposes only, not for acceptance into RSMC. Auditions will rate the actual performing level of the student. The age and school grade of the student is not considered at the audition, giving all students the opportunity to place into the level of ensemble that would compliment the student's strengths and weaknesses as a musician. Please come to registration prepared to perform on your instrument(s) all audition requirements for your instrument(s). You will also be asked to sightread at the audition. Results and chair listings will be posted by the first rehearsal on Sunday evening.

Students can not choose their level of ensembles. Students will be placed in one of the ensemble levels based on their audition. The level of instruction and repertoire will vary between the ensembles in order to best suit the musicality and skill levels of the students in each level.


Junior Program

For students with no formal musical experience, RSMC has estabilshed a Junior program. Students enrolling in the Junior Program should be between the ages of 8 and 11. These students will be eligible for their school’s band or orchestra program in the next year or two. The Junior Program is an exploratory program. This program prepares students for their school’s band or orchestra program by teaching students beginning skills in music notation, music theory, and ear training. Students will also have hands-on experience with all band and orchestral instruments that they may choose for future study. Instrumental classes include instruction in the proper assembly, care, maintenance, tone production, and handling of the different instruments. Students may elect to take a private lesson on an instrument of their choosing if they are interested in pursuing that instrument further.


Choosing A Program

Students who, by their age, qualify for more than one program should carefully read the program descriptions and choose the program that best fits their interests. 

CIT (Counselor In Training) Scholarship

Each year, two CIT Scholarships will be awarded to students who have completed the 11th or 12th grades and who qualify based on previous RSMC experience, maturity, level of musicianship, and personal recommendations. Students who are awarded these scholarships will attend the camp on a "work for tuition" scholarship. 

To apply, a student must have attended RSMC at least once, and have completed the 11th or 12 grade. All CIT applications should be submitted by April 1, 2020.

The CIT Scholarship covers the tuition fees only. The registration fee and optional meals fees are not covered. Those fees are the responsibility of the student.


Tuition and Refund Policy

All tuition amounts and fees may be paid online with a credit or debit card, or by mail with a check. Please take note that not all fees are refundable. Below is a chart of which fees may be refunded:

Special Pricing Tuition
Pay in full by March 1, 2020 is NOT refundable at any time
Regular Price Tuition
Regular tuition amounts are refundable, minus the $100 minimum deposit, and only before May 15, 2020
$40/$60 Registration Fee
The registration fee is not refundable at any time
Meal Plans
Students can add or delete their meal plan options at any time up to June 01, 2020 with a full refund

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available on a limited basis. Families who wish to request financial assistance should submit a regular student application first, and then the financial aid form. All requests will be very carefully considered. The actual amount of assistance may vary.

Financial Aid forms cannot be processed without a regular student registration form!


Attendance Policy

All students are required to be available for and to attend all camp activities and concerts on all 7 days from Sunday, June 21 to Saturday, June 27, 2020. In the case of an emergency that requires a student to miss a class or concert, parents/guardians should contact the camp director as soon as possible to discuss the student's absence. Please note that NO refunds will be given when a student misses any of the camp activities, classes, or concerts. This includes dropping out of the camp.  

Students may not be signed out at any time during the day by the parent for any sport, family, or other commitment. 


Daily Schedule

Performance Program students are required to take a Major Ensemble, RSMC Chorus, a theory class, Chamber Music, and the Instrumental Workshop. All other classes are the student's choice. Free time is built into every student's schedule. Students with free time in their schedule can use that time to practice or schedule a private lesson or coaching. Students will choose their classes through the online class choice form.

Junior Program students will have their own classes, although there may be some classes where they will be mixed with the Performance Program students. A daily recreation time is part of the schedule for Junior Program students.



Concert attire for the ensemble recital on Friday night is the camp shirt and tan/khaki pants, shorts, or capris. Concert attire for the final performance on Saturday is black pants, black shoes, and white shirt. Girls may opt to wear a black skirt, but the skirt MUST be at least calf-length. Participation in the Saturday performance is mandatory for all students. After performing, students may not leave the building until the entire concert is over. All camp concerts are free and open to the public.


Dress Code

The dress code for all classes is summer casual. Shorts, tshirts, and flip-flops are acceptable! The following articles are NOT considered acceptable:

  • bare feet
  • swim suits
  • tank tops
  • any article of clothing with profanity or obscene language or symbols

The dress code for Friday is the camp shirt and tan/khaki pants, capris, or shorts. Students may wear these clothes for the student recital that night, even if they are performing.

The dress code for the final performance on Saturday is black pants, black shoes, and white shirt. Girls may opt to wear a black skirt, but the skirt MUST be at least calf-length. 

Instrument Storage

All students will be assigned a locker with a lock. Students may keep their instrument and belongings in this locker. Students with larger instruments (French horn, baritone/euphonium, tuba, cello, bass) may store their instrument in the storage units located in the camp office. All other belongings should be stored in the lockers. 

RSMC is not responsible or liable for lost, missing, or damaged instruments or belongings. A $25 fee will be charged for lockers left uncleaned, or for missing locks, at the end of the week. 



All meals will be served in the commons area. Campers may choose to be on the meal plan, or they may brown bag their lunch/dinner each day. No student may leave the school grounds for lunch, dinner, or for any other reason. Parents may drop off a lunch or dinner for their child at meal time.

Private Lessons

Private lessons will be offered to interested students during the week. Students can sign up for a private lesson through the online private lesson form. The fee for a private lesson is $30 for 40 minutes. Students should come prepared with something to play or sing for the teacher at the lesson.

Medical Emergencies

For your child's safety and protection, please be as accurate and specific as possible when providing medical information on the medical history form (submitted as an online form). All information will be kept confidential. In the case of an extreme medical emergency, we would not be able to obtain treatment from a hospital without your signature and permission on the medical form.

Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

RSMC has a strict No-Electronics policy. Students should NOT bring cell phones, iPods, iPads, or laptops to any class, concert, or rehearsal. If a student is seen using any of these electronic devices during a class, rehearsal, or concert, the device will be taken from the student and not given back until the end of the week. 
The purpose of this policy is to avoid accidental loss, use at inappropriate times, and distraction during classes and performances. 


Student Behavior

Students are expected to be on time for all classes and rehearsals. Performance Program students are also responsible for making sure that their instrument is in proper working order, including having proper sticks/mallets and accessories (reeds, strings, etc.). Students are not to leave the school grounds for any reason, including lunch or dinner. Students are expected to act responsibly and respectfully to the conductors, teachers and fellow musicians. Students who show disrespect, act unprofessionally, or otherwise behave inappropriately for ANY reason, may be dismissed from RSMC for the remainder of the week without refund.


Dropping Out/Leaving Early
Students are expected to be in attendance for all camp activities, classes, and concerts. When a student misses a class, concert, activity; or decides to drop out of the camp for the remainder of the week, NO refunds will be given.