Rappahannock Summer Music Camp

Join us for our 15th Season!

About the Programs

Ages: RSMC enrolls students between the ages of 8 and 18. Some students, based on their age, may qualify for more than one program. Read the descriptions below to determine the program that best fits the interest of the student. 


Junior Program

The Junior Division of RSMC is for students aged 8 to 11 with no band or orchestral musical experience, although students may have some (less than 2 years) piano or guitar background.

Because the Junior Program is for younger students, Junior students may take the option of attending a shorter day. The normal operating hours of RSMC are 8:30am to ~8:30pm. Junior students are welcome and encouraged to attend the entire day, however, if 12 hours is too long a day for these younger campers, Junior students may be dropped off at 9:30am and/or picked up at 6:15pm. There is no reduction in tuition for opting for the shorter day. Parents should notify the RSMC office of their intent to pick up their child at 6:15. This option is not available for Performance Program students. 

The Junior division of RMSC is an exploratory program. Students will spend the day learning about the elements of music, including plenty of hands-on time with all of the instruments of the band and orchestra. This program is highly recommended for students who will be entering their school's band or orchestra program in the coming year.

Classes will be taught by RSMC staff and counselors. In addition to attending their own classes, Junior students will have the opportunity to attend some selected classes with the Performance Program students. Recreation time is included in the daily schedule.

All Junior students will participate in the final camp concert on Saturday.

Classes may include:

  • Music Theory and Ear Training
  • Brass Instruments Class
  • Woodwind Instruments Class
  • String Instruments Class
  • Percussion Instruments Class
  • Chorus
  • Piano Skills
  • Instrument Workshops
  • Recreation Time


Performance Program

The Performance Program of RSMC is the regular performing arts division of camp for students between the ages of 11 and 18. Students must have a minimum of one year of instruction on their instrument (any wind, percussion, or string instrument) to attend the Performance Program. This instruction can either be in the form of private instruction, or participation in a band or orchestra. Pianists and guitarists who do not play a band or string instrument should have a minimum of three years of instruction on piano or guitar to qualify for the Performance Program. 

Students will audition for a level of workshops and ensembles. All auditions will take place on Registration Day. In order for a student to be admitted to an advanced ensemble, a student must successfully complete an advanced audition. Attempting an advanced audition does not guarantee that the student will be admitted to an advanced ensemble.

All Performance Program students will perform in the final concert at the end of the week. The student recital and chamber music recital are optional performance opportunities for interested students during the week. Attendance at all concerts and recitals is required by the the Performance Program students, even if they do not perform. 

Students have practice time built into their schedules and are encouraged to sign up for private lessons from any member of the camp staff. Classes include:

  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz Band and Rock for Strings
  • Camp Chorus
  • Chamber Music
  • Music Theory
  • Instrumental Workshops

Other elective classes may include (actual choices vary each year):

  • Ear Training
  • Music History
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Beginning Piano Skills
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Voice Tech
  • Art or Dance Class
  • Conducting
  • Composition/Orchestration
  • Musical Instrument Repair
  • Recording and Sound Technology
  • Drum Circles
  • Minor Instruments